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Text Books plays a vital role in the present school curriculum of each class. This is a convenient teaching tool which is mostly used in classes. It is the major source of information, and the important data for any subjects can be learnt with the help of a text book. Moreover, it is the primary method of learning any subject thoroughly. Text Book contains basic information or study material for specified subjects. Text books are referred to as the prescribed books which are selected by the Board as per the curriculum. These books cover entire topics, selected by the Board on the basis of current economical requirements. Text books facilitate students to go through the entire syllabus several times, and also ease the teaching learning process.

In SSR we follow the curriculum affiliated by Mp Board

The Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh maintains a standard syllabus along with the selection of right text books for each class. The MPBSE surveys the fast changing economical demands, and then includes topics after discussing them with subject experts. The Board selects relevant text books for each subject, and then makes these available in book stores or educational centres. The curriculum Committee of this Board takes the required steps in this direction.



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